Part 12 - Component by Component

25. Gaskets

All gaskets must be standard and unmodified. Where there is any doubt about the eligibility or suitability of a particular gasket it should be compared with a new item from the manufacturer.

26. Clutch

Clutch correct typeA dry, air-cooled centrifugal clutch of Noram, Horstman, Magnum, Maxtorque 1600 or 4000 series type (or any other clutch subsequently introduced which satisfies the same criteria), must be used to transmit the drive. The clutch should be in standard form (as supplied), be incapable of adjustment in position and have a maximum engagement speed of no more than 2,500 rpm engine speed. For clarification, shoe and drum type clutches only are permitted, plate clutches are not allowed (see below).

Clutch wrong type