2a. The standard, unmodified component

This means that the component has not had its substance altered in any way. It has had no material removed from it or added to it (except as noted in these regulations). It will be of the same, original material. Where appropriate, it should have the manufacturer’s original manufacturing process or machining marks on it. It is the component defined as being applicable to the particular engine type. If it does not say you can do it, you cannot do it.

2b. Engine types

The original QHQ4 engine, to engine number 7664037, shall in this document be called the K engine. The QHQ4 engine from engine number 7664037 onwards shall in this document be called the E engine. The QHQ4 engine with suffix T, from engine number 1000000 onwards shall in this document be called the T engine. This will also include all unified specification engines (GX160UT1 QHQ4 and QHG4). GX160UT2 QHQ4 and GX160RT2-QHG4 engines (T2)  will be eligible, with exceptions as notified in the following document.

2c. Legality limit

In general terms, and where not clarified or qualified elsewhere in this document, the legal limit for eligibility purposes shall be deemed to be the service limit as specified by Honda in the most up-to-date Honda Service manual for the particular engine. (