Part 1 - GENERAL

GX160 outline

The scrutineer will pay special attention to ensure that the finish of all components match those of the standard unit and reserves the right to compare any part from competitors’ engines directly with a standard part as supplied by Honda (UK). Unless competitors have gone out of their way to source alternative parts, their engines should automatically comply with this rule. Furthermore, competitors should note that the term “standard” refers not only to the components used but also to the number used, their position and function and the manner in which the engines are assembled. Please remember that save for the changes specifically mentioned in these regulations the engines must be completely standard and unmodified, and that all components will remain in place unless this document specifically states that they are allowed to be removed. No specific coating procedures are allowed on any internal or external surface of the engine. The fasteners on the engines may be drilled for the purposes of lock wiring, as can drain and filling plugs. Replacement of external fasteners with non-Honda fasteners is only permitted when the replacement fastener improves safety or when the standard Honda fastener is not readily available. A thread recovery procedure is acceptable providing that the system and replacement fixing used are of no different size or pitch to the original and therefore offer no mechanical advantage over the original fixing, or alter the position of the original fixing.