Part 10 - Component by Component

21. Camshaft

The standard and unmodified camshaft must be used, the service limits are 27.65mm for the exhaust and 27.60mm for the inlet lobes(T1) and 27.45mm for both lobes (T2). The K, E, and T1 engine can only use the T1 camshaft, the T2 engine can only use the T2 camshaft. The inlet profiles are different between T1 and T2, with the T2 having a longer duration. The T2 cam is easily inspected using the ABkC cam inspection tool, which will not fit any other cam type. 

Camshaft comparison




22. Push rods

The steel push rods of the T1 have been replaced with thicker aluminium units for the T2. The pushrods are not interchangeable between T1 and T2.