Part 9 - Component by Component

19. Flywheel

Crank location toolThe flywheel must be standard and unmodified and have a minimum weight of 2.2kgs. The T1 and T2 flywheels are not interchangeable. The key may be reduced in width or otherwise modified, but not omitted. The ignition timing must be set/checked with the engine at TDC, and the ABkC-marked template tool in place. The edge of the magnet must not intrude into the split marking the go (✔) and no-go (✗) area of the template (for the particular engine type). If the output shaft keyway and throw of the crankshaft are aligned then the ABkC-marked location tool can be used to assist with the setting. Ignition timing toolFor accuracy, the crankshaft must be rotated against the location tool in a clockwise direction (flywheel side) before the reading is observed on the template tool. The standard and unmodified fan must be used, with all fins in place.

If the output shaft keyway and throw of the crankshaft are misaligned then the location tool cannot be used.  In this instance TDC must be determined using a piston stop and digital angle gauge to describe the major arc, and bisect the minor arc. The ABkC-marked template tool can then be used as above.

20. Ignition coil

The ignition coil (including ignition lead) will be the standard and unmodified unit and is Ignition coil dimensionsinterchangeable between all engine types. The coil mounting bolts must be standard and unmodified and use the original mounting positions (see also section 23, welded repairs and dimensions in diagram).