Part 8 - Component by Component

17. Connecting Rod

The standard and unmodified unit is interchangeable between K, E and T1 engine types. The connecting rod from the T2 engine must also remain standard, unmodified but will not fit other engine types on its own (but see also section 18).

158gr Piston weight* 140gr
43gr Piston Pin weight* 41gr
23.5mm Piston Height* 21.4mm
119gr Con rod weight* 123gr
7mm Con rod bolt* 6mm


18. Crankshaft


The governor gear can be removed. The position of the cam gear wheel is free. The standard  key must be used on all engine types, but may be modified in accordance with item 19. The crankshafts are interchangeable between K, E and T1 engines only. You cannot transpose complete crank, rod and piston assemblies between T1 and T2 engines. In all instances, the final stroke must not exceed 45.1mm. The T2 crank may be used as a replacement in the T1 engine, but it is not permitted to use the T1 crank in the T2 engine.